Thursday, October 07, 2010

Sven Update

Its been a few months since I've posted anything about Sven. For the sake of record keeping, here are some things he did this summer:

- Ran another 4+ race on Labor Day - with 9:49/mile pace
- Read the first Harry Potter book. He read most of it out loud to Granma while she was here this summer. Now he is reading the Goblet of Fire to himself.
- Did his first Kid's Tri in Kirkland Sept. 19th. The transition was tough because it was very very muddy in the transition area. It took him awhile to get the mud off his toes.
- Went to China with PoPo and Ojiisan. We all had a great time.
- Camped on Third Beach with the Deys
- Started Third Grade. He seems to like his teacher so far, Mr. Agrella


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