Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sven the Hiker

We've had an excellent summer. Early in the summer Sven took swimming classes, and still enjoys dunking his head in the water and floating unassisted.

Sven has also been doing some running with FaFa and has been able to do a 13 minute mile a few times. Sven can also walk all the way around Greenlake - 2.8 miles.

At the end of July, we went backpacking on the Washington Coast and Sven hiked the entire way to Third Beach. Then we hiked over a large headland called Taylor Point. Going up the headland was steep and muddy, and ladders with ropes were required to get up. You can see Sven and Erik at the top of the first of 3 ladders in the first picture.

Sven enjoyed the challenge and the 2nd pictures shows Sven on the other side of the headland with very muddy shoes.

Soon after this picture was taken Sven asked us how we were going to get back to our camp site. He seemed a little shocked that we had to hike all the way back! But, he made it, and the next day he managed to hike out of Third Beach, which was also steep coming off the beach.


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