Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sven Starts School

Today was Sven's first day in Kindergarten. His teacher is Mr. Corsa at BF Day in Fremont.

Sven had already met his teacher, and he seemed to take everything in stride. You can see Sven at his desk in the picture. When we left, Sven had helped himself to the books in the center of the table and was already looking through them. He didn't appear at all concerned when we left the room. I peeked again a few minutes later, and he was still looking at books and appeared completely comfortable.

The only first day problem appeared to be lack of time to finish his lunch. He said he couldn't open his nectarine container and he didn't have enough time to eat his crackers.

After school, Sven attends the on-site Boys and Girls club. Tracy, their director, said Sven was very good. He lined up well, paid attention when he was supposed to, and signed his name to their "contract." She was tickcled that he signed sideways along the edge of the paper.

Later in the day, we were driving past Sven's old Daycare (Wallingford Childcare Center), and he looked very thoughtful. Sven said "I miss my old school."


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