Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ghost and Dash

Last year before Halloween Sven said he wanted to be a ghost, with a white sheet and two holes cut out for the eyes. But Daddy (Erik) and Sven decided on a robot instead. This year, months before Halloween, Sven reasserted his desire to be a ghost. He even went looking in our closests and found a white pillow case that he thought would make a good costume. So, I decided to go with his plan. PoPo gave us and old white sheet, I sewed up the sides and cut out two eye holes. You can see the result was exactly what he wanted.

Sven and Thomas, Sven's best friend, went around our block and did a great job acquiring cheap candy. As with past years, Sven's biggest thrill was showing off the costume. This year, he liked being "scarey" and would yell boo at the witches and other bad looking characters. I put on some vampire makeup, and I was introduced by Sven as "my friend, a vampire."

Sven's Kindergarten class also did a Halloween field trip to Fremont, and as a result, we have several pounds of candy we need to sort through. I might be making some M&M cookies in the near future.


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