Monday, December 31, 2007

Sven's First Horse Ride

While were were visiting Half Moon Bay during the holidays, we took the kids on a horse back ride. Sven did a great job on his full size horse. Erik told Sven to pull on the reins and say "whoa" if he wanted his horse to slow down. Since Sven's horse liked to be near the front of the pack, it had to gallop a few times to stay in its preferred position. One time, Uncle Jim heard Sven say to his galloping horse, "I know you like to be the leader, but not today!"

Sven was thrilled by the ride, but got very cold because of the wind. I think the strong head wind along the beach finally got to him.

Here are some pictures from the ride. These were taken by Erik on his mobile phone camera. I had my Konica, but since my horse liked to be near the rear of the pack, the only pictures I could take were from the back. Also, I was also nervous about riding, so it was difficult for me to take pictures with one hand.

Horse Ride


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The horse ride looked like it was fun!

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