Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Easter 2008 in Seattle was soggy and wet! We had our usual brunch with PoPo and Ojiisan. Aftewards, we went to view the Cherry trees at the University of Washington. As you can see, Sven wasn't extremely happy about the rainy tree viewing. We were joined by several other Asians, carrying umbrellas and tripods.

Later in the day we went to Eric, Ami, and Nadjia's house for their annual Party and Easter Egg hunt. The eggs retrieved were soggy and muddy. The kids still had a great time though - the thrill of finding hidden eggs overcame the rain and mud. Sven quickly filled his basket, so I told him he had to help the smaller kids find eggs. He spent much of his time looking for small kids in need of his assistance.

Sven's favorite Easter present was some Silly Putty I put in his basket. He calls it an alien symbiote (like the Venom suit in Spiderman). He plans to bring it to show and tell this Friday.


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