Monday, April 28, 2008

Ojiisan's Birthday Hike

For Ojiisan's 80th Birthday, the whole family walked around Lake Union. Sven managed to finish the 7 mile plus hike, with a minimum of complaint. Lake Union itself is almost exactly 6 miles, but we walked from our house, to the lake and back. Also, Sven started the walk by running ahead, and then running back to the rest of the party. So, he actually went further than anybody else.

A few times Sven wanted to stop to "recharge" his batteries, as he was pretending to be a robot. His biggest frustration was being forced to continue the walk, rather than spending more time "playing" along the way. We let him play a little bit on a playground at the South end of the lake.

Ojiisan and PoPo also finished the walk, though PoPo had a hurt knee, so we were a little worried. We ended the hike by eating cake at Simply Desserts in Fremont.


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