Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sugar Hive Healthnut

Sven must have heard the term "sugar high", but heard it as "sugar hive". Now, when somebody does something he thinks is wrong, he wants to give them a sugar hive. For example, yesterday a cyclist nearly hit us, as we were crossing the street, so he said "let's give her a coffee sugar hive." Its so cute, I'm not correcting him.

Sven is also becoming a health nut. Yesterday, we were at the Blue Star in Wallingford and we were discussing the options on the Kid's Menu. Sven always orders the Mac and Cheese, which comes with fries. This time Sven said "is the fat in fries good for you?" We told him it wasn't good for him, but he gets fries so rarely we always let him order them. When the waitress came to take his order he said "I want the Mac and Cheese, but is there fat in the fries?" When the waitress said yes, he asked for something else instead. She offered him a salad or black beans or refried beans, and he chose black beans. This was all without any prompting from us! The waitress said "is he trying to watch his weight?" I said "all 39 pounds of him."


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